Strategic Plan

The ACAud Board have developed a Strategic Plan for 2024-2027 to help us achieve our mission:

To contribute towards improved communication for all Australians by working collaboratively with consumers, government, industry, education, and practitioners. Through these stakeholders we will increase access, awareness, and education
around hearing health, which will support the delivery of professional and
best-practice hearing health care for consumers. This will be accomplished
through activities that are inclusive, equitable, supportive and engaging.


Working together for better hearing health for all Australians.


People Focused – people experiencing hearing difficulty are at the centre of our purpose and we listen to their needs to improve the safety and quality of their care through supporting and developing the professionals who provide their hearing health care services.

Innovative – we know that the world and the hearing sector is changing rapidly, and we actively engage our Members to expand their knowledge and skills to improve the delivery of services to consumers.

Ethical – we maintain high standards for our organisation and our Members. We commit to transparency and accountability.

Sustainable – we ask questions, build collaborations, create new opportunities, and grow our organisation to ensure hearing health care services are sustained and improved into the future.



Australian College of Audiology Strategic Plan