Strategic Plan

The ACAud Board have developed a Strategic Plan for 2020-23 to help us achieve our mission to assist members in their day-to-day practice through engagement and support, to promote the inclusion of all hearing health professionals, and to advocate for equity of access and outcomes for their clients.

Four pillars have been developed to guide use in our member services, advocacy and policy work:

1. Inclusion- Our inclusion aspiration is to provide an inclusive point of contact and support for our members of all hearing health care professions and to promote how hearing health professionals work together with members of the public to achieve the best possible hearing health care an communication outcomes.

2. Equity- Our equity aspiration is to ensure that Australians have equity of access to hearing health care and associated communication outcomes regardless of their Government funding stream or private health insurer.

3. Support- Our support aspiration is to provide timely and relevant support to our members and their clients.

4. Engagement- Our engagement aspiration is to listen to our members, their clients and other stakeholders and respond to their needs through relevant and timely activities.

Australian College of Audiology Strategic Plan