Associate Members must hold a minimum Masters of Audiology from an Australian University. Once application for Associate Membership is approved by ACAud a minimum 6 month supervision program is required to be undertaken.

Hours of Supervision*

(logged hours)
1 – 4


30 hours per week minimum to include 15 hours per week minimum at the elbow
(on-site supervision)
100% of case files
5 - 14


15 hours per week minimum to include 7.5 hours per week minimum at the elbow
(on-site supervision)
100% of case files
15 - 26** 3 7.5 hours per week minimum with at the elbow hours as required
(remote supervision)
50% of case files
*Minimum Internship Program duration = 26 weeks
** Special consideration may be given for rural & remote locations.   Reviewed on a case by case basis upon application

Logged hours are based on full time equivalent employment (38 hours per week)

Pro rata applied as a percentage of employed hours. Please note ACAud Secretariat to be advised of employed hours.

At Elbow Supervision

Associate conducting the appointment with their supervisor present in the same room observing them

General Supervision

Under same roof supervision, Associate and Supervisor can be consulting independently but present at the same clinic together

Supervisor Requirements

Primary Supervisor (required)

Must have held Full Membership with a PPB (Practitioner Professional Body) for a minimum of 3 Years

Secondary Supervisor (optional)

Must hold Full Membership with a PPB (Practitioner Professional Body)

**PPB (Practitioner Professional Body) include ACAud, Audiology Australia & HAASA

Supervisory Plan and DRS Audiology Competency Matrix must be submitted and approved by ACAud prior to 6 month supervision program commencing.

Upon completion of each level of supervision log books & quarterly supervision reports must be submitted in order to progress to the next level of supervision.

Levels 1 & 2 Supervision require onsite supervision. Level 3 supervision means you have the ability to work offsite from your supervisor.

Upon completion of the 6 month supervision program with ACAud there is no further examination.

Membership Upgrade

Once supervision program is completed you will be upgraded from Associate Member of ACAud to Full/Ordinary Audiologist member of ACAud. As a Full/Ordinary Member of ACAud you will be eligible to apply for a Qualified Practitioner number with the Office of Hearing Services.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ACAud:
E | 

P | (07) 3839 1622

M | 0429 357 375